Tag: Ransoms

  • Economics and Somali Piracy

    How efficient is piracy as a method of transferring wealth to Somalia? Pirates generating ransoms could drive costs to industry up ten times the amount. Economics and Somali Piracy By […]

  • Paying for Lives

    The news of the release of Judith Tebbutt has brought the subject of the payment of ransoms back to the front pages of British newspapers. Somalian Piracy: the price of […]

  • Piracy Briefing to U.S. Chamber of Commerce

    According to Andrew Shapiro, US Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs, piracy has gone from a fairly ad hoc disorganized criminal endeavor to a highly developed transnational criminal enterprise. Somali piracy […]

  • Tracking Ransom Payments

    According to the Associated Press, a sharply critical report by British lawmakers has pointed out that ‘Too little is known about the fate of millions of dollars in ransom money […]

  • We Need Help

    Somali piracy takes heavy toll on Philippine sailors By Kate McGeown BBC News, Philippines For the first four months of this year, Captain Alex Caniete was held hostage half a […]

  • Release Hitch

    Somali pirates were reported as having freed the Malaysian vessel, “MV Albedo”, after allegedly receiving a US$4million ransom payment. According to Somalia Report the vessel is still docked near Haradheere […]

  • Ransom Demands

    Shipping firms must stop giving in to pirates and handing over ransoms if they want to stamp out hijackings along the Somali coastline, claims a top defence adviser. Rear Admiral […]

  • Waking Up

    After some criticism of their silence on the matters surrounding piracy, it seems the International Group of P&I Club’s is waking to the problem. The Clubs have revised its frequently […]

  • Fly Boys

    A new book provides an insight into the world of ex-Soviet pilots delivering food aid — and pirate ransoms. Flying rickety old Ilyushin-76’ the “no-questions-asked” pilots are often called upon […]

  • Killer Threat

    Pirates are reportedly changing their attitude and as they look to apply every greater pressure to get ransoms paid, they are claiming that “killing hostages has now become part of […]