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  • Conservationists Aboard Two Sea Shepherd Vessels in Gulf of California Attacked In Incident Similar to Last Month

    March 03: Conservationists and federal inspectors were assailed by fishermen who hurled Molotov cocktails and fishing net weights at them Tuesday as they carried out surveillance operations in a protected […]

  • Conservationists Shot At By Poachers During Gulf of California Patrol

    February 08, 10:00 LT: Conservationists and authorities on board a Sea Shepherd Conservation Society vessel came under gunfire in the upper Gulf of California on Saturday while on a voyage […]

  • Fighting illegal fishing

    Can PMSCs help in the fight against IUU fishing? Thunder Road: Outsourcing the Fight Against Illegal Fishing By Claude Berube Sometimes the problem no one admits to has the answer […]

  • Illegal fishing boat crew handed to police

    Sea Sherpherd pursues pirate fishing boat. Crew of illegal fishing boat handed over to West African police MARK COLVIN: The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society says the crew of an illegal […]

  • The New Pirates

    The US has branded whale activists Sea Shepherd as ‘pirates’ while Japan says that Sea Shepherd ships are endangering lives at sea. US court brands whale activists Sea Shepherd ‘pirates’ A court […]