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  • Suspected Drug Traffickers Cling to Cocaine to Stay Afloat After Boat Sinks

    September 28: Three suspected drug smugglers survived in Pacific waters by clinging for hours to floating bales of cocaine, Colombia’s navy said Tuesday. The three Colombians are suspected of smuggling […]

  • Two Migrant Boats Sink Near Sabratha, Libya; At Least 40 Killed

    March 19: A migrant boat headed for Europe sank off the Libyan coast near the western town of Sabratha, security officials reported. At least 10 people have died and 17 […]

  • Indo’s fish pirates

    Fight against illegal fishing stepped up. Indonesia steps up boat sinkings By Taylor McDonald On Sunday Indonesia sunk another 17 foreign vessels alleged to have been fishing in its waters as part of the […]

  • Hazardous Journeys

    Ships and aircraft scoured the Indian Ocean on Friday for survivors after a boat capsized off Australia’s remote Christmas Island, with three people confirmed dead and more than 80 missing. […]

  • Rogue Wave Capsizes Fishing Boat

    12m rogue wave causes fishing boat to capsize. Captain, Rewai Karetai, who was hailed as a hero for saving three people earlier this year, is amongst the missing. New Zealand […]