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  • Security in the IOR

    South Africa could make the Indian Ocean Rim Association the top platform for achieving maritime security. Africa’s chance to boost maritime security in the Indian Ocean BY TIMOTHY WALKER AND DENYS REVA This […]

  • Op Copper still going

    Operation Copper still active. S. African navy completes anti-piracy mission in Mozambique Two South African navy vessels have completed patrol of the Northern Mozambican Channel as part of the anti-piracy […]

  • Baltic Fleet enter Gulf

    Oh, good. Everyone’s here… Russian Baltic Fleet missile frigate enters Gulf of Aden on anti-piracy mission The Russian Baltic Fleet’s frigate Yaroslav Mudry has left the port of Djibouti to […]

  • Death penalty for piracy

    India introduces stringent laws. Union Cabinet approves stringent anti-piracy law The Union Cabinet today approved a bill providing for death penalty or life imprisonment to those involved in piracy at […]

  • IMB releases report

    New report highlights risk. New IMB report shows persistent piracy risk in Gulf of Guinea The second quarterly report from the ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) shows that all 2018 […]

  • Keeping pirates at bay

    Training and capacity building pays off. UN says anti-piracy fund has boosted maritime security in Somalia The UN counter-piracy fund that has been in existence since 2011 has boosted maritime […]

  • Pakistan Navy in Red Sea

    And why not? Pretty quiet in the region right now…! Pakistan deploys its first ever Navy Ship in Gulf of Aden Southern Red Sea Region Pakistan Navy Ship (PNS) SAIF […]

  • BMP5 and new resources

    New resource coincided with launch of BMP5 security guide for shipping. Shipping Industry Launches New Security Resources for World Fleet International shipping industry organisations, with military support, have launched a […]

  • Iran Navy head to Gulf

    The Iranian Navy’s 54th flotilla of warships is on an overseas mission to international waters. Iranian Naval Flotilla on Way to Gulf of Aden The naval fleet, comprising the Kharg […]

  • Never make Assumptions

    Seychelles Coast Guard will set up its own base on Assumption Seychelles cancels agreement for the establishment of Indian naval base Written by Oscar Nkala Seychelles President Danny Faure says his government […]

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