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  • 11 years for ‘Somali pirate’

    A Japanese court on Friday sentenced an African man, one of four who attempted to hijack a Japanese tanker off the coast of Oman, to 11 years in jail, a […]

  • Marsecreview recognised for content

    Maritime Security Review has been named in a recent article on Marine Insight highlighting useful resources for information on maritime piracy and Somali Pirates. ¬†To read the article click here. […]

  • Shipboard Fire

    A Somali pirate claims a fire is tearing through a hijacked ship that pirates are holding off the country’s coast. The pirate said an undisclosed number of pirates and hostages […]

  • Pirate Negotiator Arrested

    US officials have seized an individual believed to be a Somali pirate who was the chief negotiator in a yacht¬†hijacking last February in which four American citizens were killed. The […]

  • Loose Lips…

    There are growing concerns that the yacht Quest and the Americans onboard may have been specifically targeted. Before the attack a Somali pirate allegedly told an Associated Press reporter in […]

  • Evidence Stacks Up

    News sources in South Korea claim that the fingerprints of a Somali pirate, suspected of shooting a South Korean master during a rescue operation last month, matched those on a […]