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  • UNCONFIRMED Reports of Russia Abandoning Plans to Build Naval Base in Horn of Africa

    February 09: According to unconfirmed reports by Sputnik News, Russia no longer considers establishing a military base in the Horn of Africa a relevant issue and is therefore not conducting negotiations to that end, Russia’s […]

  • Russia Finalizes Plans To Set Up Naval Base In Somaliland

    Source: Busiweek January 31: Russia is stepping up plans to set up a military base in the Somaliland Port of Berbera according to reports from the United States Defense Department […]

  • Seychelles, Somaliland Dispute Over “Premature” Release of Convicted Pirates

    August 10: A dispute over the “premature” release of convicted pirates by Somaliland authorities may reach the UN Security Council, after a protest by the Seychelles. Last week, the Indian […]

  • Strike at Berbera Port Expansion in Somaliland (Somalia)

    July 11: Initial local social media reports indicate that construction workers at the Berbera port expansion in Somaliland have gone on strike today to protest a wage cut. Note: Somaliland […]

  • Somaliand naval bases?

    Self-declared republic sees military presence by world powers as way to affirm its status as independent state Somaliland seeks recognition by hosting naval bases By Addis Getachew The self-declared republic […]

  • Fishing deal irks Somaliland

    Fishing rights war of words heats up. Somaliland and Somalia Could Go to Sea War in 2019 Fears are rife that Somaliland and Somalia could go to war in early […]

  • Fishing Somali waters

    Concern among Somalia’s fishing community. China will start fishing along Somalia’s coastline just as piracy makes a comeback The country with mainland Africa’s longest coastline is inviting China to its […]

  • Migrants drown off Yemen

    Migrant vessel capsizes. Scores of Ethiopian migrants drown off Yemen’s coast At least 46 migrants trying to cross from Somalia to Yemen have drowned when their boat capsized, UN officials […]

  • Russia in Somaliland?

    Reports remain unconfirmed. Moscow to pen military base in Somaliland Mogadishu- Russia hopes to open a 1500-man naval base in the breakaway republic of Somaliland in the horn of Africa, […]

  • UAE base for Somaliland

    Base puts Yemen within easy reach. Work Starts On New UAE Naval Base In Somaliland Divers Marine Contracting has started construction of a United Arab Emirates naval base in a […]