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  • AMO Interdicts Vessel Seizing $1.2 Million

    ST. THOMAS, Virgin Islands – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Air and Marine Operations (AMO) agents interdicted Wednesday evening a vessel with three men on board, seizing $1.2 million in bulk […]

  • USCGC Stone Underway for First Patrol, Operation Southern Cross

    The crew of the USCGC Stone (WMSL 758) departed from Pascagoula, Mississippi just ahead of Christmas, for a multi-month deployment to the South Atlantic countering illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing […]

  • Coast Guard, Partners Interdict 7 Suspected Drug-Smuggling Vessels in the Caribbean over 10 days

    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, Customs and Border Protection, Air and Marine Operations and the Dutch Caribbean coast guard interdicted seven suspected drug smuggling vessels over […]

  • US Coast Guard seizes 3,700 pounds of coke in the Caribbean in 10 days

    Julien Neaves The US Coast Guards and partner agencies have interdicted seven suspected drug smuggling vessels over 10 days near the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico in the Eastern Caribbean. […]

  • $400M in Cocaine and Marijuana Seized By US Coast Guard in 18 Operations off Coast of Mexico, Central, and South America

    October 28: International narcotics traffickers are short some 28,000 pounds of cocaine and about 11,000 pounds of marijuana, according to federal authorities. Ten U.S. Coast Guard cutters combined for a […]

  • Catching the smugglers

    “We have many common maritime challenges.” CNO Pledges to Build Partnerships in the Americas Amid Drug Battle By Gina Harkins The Navy‘s top officer met with maritime leaders from across the […]

  • Patrols between Honduras, Guatemala

    For the last three years, the naval forces of the two nations have conducted monthly joint missions, with their regional commanders in constant communication. Maritime Patrols between Honduras and Guatemala […]

  • Fighting crime at sea

    Kingfisher maritime intelligence system fights organized crime on high seas Curtailing illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing Coastal countries face a group of wily opponents: illegal and unregulated fishing vessels, their […]

  • Guyana, Suriname proposals on sea piracy

    Greater cooperation planned to cut crime. Guyana, Suriname MPs make proposals on sea piracy, trafficking in persons A parliamentary delegation from Guyana last week visited Suriname for talks with its […]

  • US Vs Caribbean Narco-Pirates

    The fight against transnational crime. US Southcom Vs Caribbean Narco-Pirates The following is a guest post by author W. Alejandro Sanchez.  The author would like to thank CARICOM IMPACS for […]