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  • US to return to South China Sea

    News guaranteed to delight China… US to return to South China Sea after warship visit The US has said it plans to return to contested areas of the South China […]

  • Freedom of navigation crucial

    Ongoing tensions in the South China Sea. Freedom of navigation crucial in South China Sea By Mike O’Hanlon WASHINGTON — What should the United States do about China’s increased assertiveness […]

  • China warns US over ‘provocative acts’

    Freedom of navigation threatened by Chinese claims. South China Sea: China warns US over ‘provocative acts’ China’s naval commander has warned his US counterpart against “dangerous and provocative acts”, days […]

  • Japan’s MSDF beefs up operations

    MSDF to remind China it’s there. Japan plans Vietnam port call to check Chinese expansion TOKYO — Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Forces will visit Vietnam’s Cam Ranh Bay next fiscal year — […]

  • China media denounce US warship

    US push for freedom of navigation irritates China. China media denounce US warship in South China Sea Editorials in Chinese state media have denounced the presence of a US warship […]

  • China and the S China Sea

    A softly, softly approach to policing. No Guns as China’s Coast Guard Chases Boats in South China Sea By David Tweed Armed with little more than flashing lights, loud hailers […]

  • Crisis control key for maritime security

    Unintended, accidental accidents in the high seas or in the air may escalate. Crisis control is key for maritime security The two-day Xiangshan Forum concludes today. Maritime security in the […]

  • China’s 12nm limit and the USA

    What the United States actually hope to accomplish by sailing within 12 nm of Chinese claims in the South China Sea? South China Sea: What 12 Nautical Miles Does and […]

  • China island case filed at UN

    Will a legal case slow China’s progress? NGO files case vs China reclamation By: Jovic Yee A NONGOVERNMENT organization led by former National Security Adviser Roilo Golez on Wednesday filed […]

  • US calls for end to China land grab

    “Turning an underwater rock into an airfield simply does not afford the rights of sovereignty…” Carter Calls For ‘Immediate & Complete Halt’ To South China Sea Island Building By COLIN […]