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  • HRAS updates murder video analysis

    Shocking video prompted murder investigation.  HRAS updates translation analysis of YouTube footage depicting murder of seafarers HRAS continues an independent investigation into the murder of five seafarers in international waters, with […]

  • Taiwanese Burn Philippine Flags

    Angry Taiwanese fishermen on Monday burned Filipino flags in protest after the Philippine coastguard fired on a Taiwan fishing boat killing a crew member Taiwanese fishermen burn Philippine flags in […]

  • Island Fishing Deal

    Japan and Taiwan have signed a deal allowing Taiwan to fish near a group of disputed islands (Senkaku/Diaoyu), prompting China to express “extreme concerns”. China anger at Japan-Taiwan disputed island […]

  • America’s Pivot, Taiwan and Anti-Access

    Strong allies help weak allies who help themselves. That’s the message the Naval Diplomat will be conveying next Tuesday at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. America’s Pivot, Taiwan […]

  • Taiwan, Japan coast guards spar in waters near Diaoyutais

    Taipei, Oct. 1 (CNA) Coast guard vessels from Taiwan and Japan sparred in waters near the disputed Diaoyutai Islands Monday over their countries’ conflicting claims to the uninhabited island chain […]

  • Urgent Measures

    Japanese Prime Minster Yoshihiko Noda has urged the Chinese Government to take urgent measures to prevent violence against Japanese citizens in China Japan PM Noda urges China to prevent anti-Japan violence […]

  • Joint Maritime Drill

    Taiwan and China have held the second cross-strait joint maritime search and rescue exercise in the waters between Xiamen and Kinmen. Taiwan, China vice ministers preside at joint maritime drill […]

  • Island Grabbing

    Until recently, Asian countries’ competing claims in the seas around China did not cause outright conflict. But now that drilling technology can tap gas and oil beds there, Asia capitals […]

  • Expansion Plan

    Taiwan’s Council for Economic Planning and Development has approved a US$2.2 billion expansion plan for the development of the country’s international ports. Taiwan Approves Expansion Plan for Seven Seaports The […]

  • Maritime Security Authority

    According to international analysts gathered in Phnom Penh, a territorial dispute amongst Brunei, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam is a “critical” issue with far-reaching implications. Sea change sought […]