Tag: Trade

  • Brazilian Court Orders Refueling of Iranian Vessels Stranded in Imbituba Due to US Sanctions

    July 25: Brazil’s top court on Thursday ordered state-run oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA to refuel two Iranian grain vessels stranded on the Brazilian coast due to U.S. sanctions holding […]

  • Piracy Threatening Global Trade

    With piracy posing serious threats to nations, India has stressed the need for adoption of a comprehensive counter- piracy strategy which focuses on efforts to deter pirates and ensures their prosecution […]

  • EU Assistance to Asia

    As Europe’s growth is contingent on Asia’s prosperity, ensuring unrestricted navigation in Asia’s waterways is thus of the utmost strategic interest to the European Union. Given that Asia’s geopolitical hotspots […]

  • Indian Calls

    Somali pirates are posing ever increasing challenges to India, disrupting its trade, capturing its seafarers, attacking closer to its shores and the nation is being forced to step up its […]