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  • Policing the pirates

    The strange case of the alleged ‘pirate’ policemen… Three accused police ‘pirates’ discharged from duty WRITER: WASSANA NANUAM Three Satun police officers who allegedly trespassed into Malaysian waters to arrest […]

  • Pirates or Abu Sayyaf?

    Attackers motives not yet determined. Cops seek to determine if kidnap group was involved in trawler shooting By Muguntan Vanar KOTA KINABALU: Sabah police are trying to ascertain if a kidnap […]

  • SE Asia crew kidnapped

    Abu Sayyaf believed to be behind incident. 7 fishermen feared kidnapped in Sabah waters By Samhati Bhattacharjya The security forces in east coast Sabah have been alerted of a possible […]

  • More crew kidnapped

    ASG or affiliates believed to be behind kidnapping. Zahid: Kidnappers of fishermen managed to operate ‘under radar’ KUALA LUMPUR: A kidnap for ransom group is behind the abduction of the […]

  • Copycat kidnappers?

    Kidnapping claims have drawn ‘red flags’ among the investigators. Sabah police: Latest ‘kidnapping’ not ala Abu Sayyaf BY MUGUNTAN VANAR KOTA KINABALU: The latest claims of a kidnapping of a […]

  • China CG loot trawler

    Tensions between China and Vietnam continue. China Coast Guard loots Vietnamese fishing boat A Vietnamese fishing boat was reportedly ambushed and looted by a China Coast Guard vessel off Vietnam’s […]