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  • Hacking nuclear subs

    Maritime cyber security still a challenge. Hacking nuclear submarines – how likely is the nightmare scenario? by Danny Bradbury Last July, the UK’s parliament voted overwhelmingly to renew Trident, its submarine-based […]

  • Dumping Trident would be dangerous

    As independence vote looms, defence concerns are voiced.  Former Sea Lord warns Scotland that dumping Trident would be ‘dangerous’ By Lynsey Bews Plans to remove Trident from an independent Scotland […]

  • UK Must Keep Trident

    The UK would be “foolish” to abandon Trident in the face of the potential threat of nuclear attack from North Korea and Iran, David Cameron has said UK must keep […]

  • £350m for Trident

    The UK government has promised a further £350m for design work on a possible replacement for Britain’s Trident nuclear-armed submarines. MoD promises £350m for Trident replacement design work The UK […]