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  • GoG military exercise starts

    Nigeria joins military exercise in Gulf of Guinea The Nigerian Navy on Wednesday deployed six warships and 65 gunboats in a joint multinational maritime exercise comprising navies from 16 countries. […]

  • Delta hostages rescued

    Nigerian troops rescue 3 Russian sailors, 2 others after raid of pirates’ hideout By Sumaila Ogbaje Three Russian sailors, one Ukrainian and one Equatorial Guinean kidnapped by pirates since 9 […]

  • Covid piracy surge?

    by Theo Locherer The last quarterly report from the International Maritime Bureau shows the negative effects of the Covid-19 on maritime security. There tend to be significant upswings of piracy […]

  • WAF piracy: media to blame?

    West African piracy remains a threat but attacks are not becoming more frequent despite headline-grabbing abduction stories in the media. That is the view of Dirk Siebels, senior analyst at […]

  • Russia Says It Has Handed Captured Naval Ships Back to Ukraine

    November 18: Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday that Moscow had successfully handed three naval ships it captured last year back to Ukraine. Ukraine has been pushing for […]

  • Ukraine Seizes Russian Tanker in Black Sea in Response to Flotilla Clash Last Year

    July 25: Ukraine seized a Russian tanker anchored in the Black Sea on Thursday, freeing the crew but holding onto the vessel in apparent retaliation for Russia’s capture of Ukrainian […]

  • Ukraine & NATO Allies Conducting Black Sea Drills

    July 02: About 3,000 troops from 19 countries are taking part in military drills in the Black Sea, an exercise that has raised concerns in Russia. The 12-day Sea Breeze […]

  • Two Moldovans Arrested for Smuggling $1m USD-Worth of Cocaine In Fruit Container in Odessa

    April 23: Security Service officers, along with prosecutors and police officers from Odessa, Ukraine, have uncovered a cocaine smuggling operation using a fruit container at the port. An estimated $1,000,000 […]

  • Cocaine Worth $51m USD Seized At Yuzhny Seaport, Ukraine

    March: Law enforcers seized nearly 200 kg of cocaine from a vessel at the Yuzhny seaport in Odesa region. A law enforcement source told media the batch of smuggled drugs […]

  • Ukraine fires on smugglers

    Ukraine has taken new measures to increase its maritime security capabilities. Ukrainian Gunboat Fires Shots to Halt Suspected Smugglers On New Year’s Eve, the Ukrainian gunboat Pryluky intercepted a suspected smuggling vessel […]