• Keeping Asian oceans open

    ASEAN nations and China need to improve relations at sea. Rule of law needs to be respected in the South China Sea: experts Despite the shortcomings of the international legal […]

  • China and UNCLOS

    Is Beijing readying for more pronounced conflict in the South China Sea? Proposed Changes to China’s Maritime Safety Law and Compliance with UNCLOS By Chris Mirasola Last week, Reuters reported […]

  • Marsec ideas for E. Asia

    The urgent need for an international co-operation mechanism on marine security and safety in East Asia was highlighted at an international workshop in the northern province of QuảngNinh that concluded […]

  • Shipping braced for migrant cost

    International conventions require vessels to help distressed migrant boats. Shipping industry braces for costs from migrant crisis By SARA SJOLIN The shipping industry faces a hit to profits from the […]

  • Italy, Malta, UK call for rescue law reform

    Calls for review of SOLAS and UNCLOS. Italy, Malta, and the UK call for rescue law reform Girija Shettar n the first session of the Maritime Safety Committee’s special session […]

  • Somali gov’t receive UNCLOS training

    UN holds seminar to increase awareness. Somali Parliamentarians receive training on the laws of the sea The United Nations Somalia Mission (UNSOM) facilitated the first-ever awareness raising seminar for Somali […]

  • Move to Nationalize 400 Islands

    Japan may nationalize any unclaimed islands in its waters in a bid to bolster its territorial claims Move to nationalize 400 remote islands in the works Japan may nationalize any […]

  • Philippines Forge Ahead with Arbitration

    The Philippines says it will continue to pursue international arbitration in its territorial dispute in the South China Sea with China, despite Beijing’s rejection. Philippines to Forge Ahead with Sea […]

  • The Law of the Sea’s Next Wave

    In this article, David Miliband MP discusses how thirty years on we need to take steps to update UNCLOS to better manage our global interdependence. The Law of the Sea’s […]

  • UNCLOS 30th Anniversary

    ICS Congratulates UN Secretary General on the 30th Anniversary of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. ICS Chairman Masimichi Morooka has celebrated the 30th anniversary of the […]