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  • Royal Navy Ships Practise Minehunting Amid ‘Present’ Threat In Gulf

    April 17: Sailors from the Royal Navy have been practising their minehunting capabilities along with their American and French counterparts off the coast of Bahrain. Exercise Artemis Trident has been taking […]

  • UUVs for MSDF

    Reduced manpower sees tech solutions. JMSDF seeks improved unmanned maritime capabilities Kelvin Wong The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) is developing a range of unmanned surface and underwater vehicles (USVs […]

  • New tech terrorism?

    Remote controlled boat bombs already suspected off Yemen. Aquatic drone terror attacks a growing possibility By VS SUGUNA, FAIZAL A. RAHMAN The application of drones for tactical purposes was the preserve of […]

  • Houthis capture US UUV

    Defense officials say drone was engaged in meteorological study. Houthi Troops Celebrate With Captured Navy Underwater Drone in Video By Hope Hodge Seck A new video has surfaced showing members […]

  • The war beneath the waves

    Could add a new layer of underwater surveillance. Underwater drones being used to detect enemy submarines, piracy and illegal fishing By Mary-Ann Russon Amid concerns mounting over Russia’s military actions […]

  • Moscow building Nuclear Armed Drone Sub?

    Vessel code named Kanyon according to reports. Moscow building Nuclear Armed Drone Submarine Russia is building a drone submarine to deliver large-scale nuclear weapons against U.S. harbors and coastal cities, […]

  • US Navy to Deploy Underwater Drones

    Will this be a game changer for undersea warfare? US Navy to Deploy Underwater Drones by the End of 2015 By Franz-Stefan Gady The U.S. Navy will for the first time […]