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  • Rescued MV Iceberg crew not paid

    A cargo-ship crew held captive and tortured by Somali pirates for nearly three years have been paid no wages since before the hijack. Dubai’s rescued MV Iceberg crew have not […]

  • Burmese Seafarers’ Future

    As Myanmar increasingly opens up to the outside world an inevitable increase in living standards and by extension wages has some shipmanagers on edge. What future for Burmese seafarers? As […]

  • Doubling Up

    There has been a focus lately on the “wages” which Somali pirates can expect to earn over a “career”. Over a five year spree a pirate can make $168,000-$394,000, though […]

  • High Risk Agreement

    After much speculation an agreement has been reached regarding the area to be deemed as “High Risk” with regards to seafarers  wages and compensation. The International Bargaining Forum of the marine […]