BMP4 High Risk Area Revision

Dryad issues its thoughts on the revised HRA plan.

BMP4 High Risk Area Revision – Pragmatic Decision or Dangerous Gamble?

Today’s announcement on the geographical reduction of the BMP4 High Risk Area comes at a crucial time in the ongoing work against Somali piracy. The measures implemented by BMP4, along with other international efforts, have effectively stemmed the tide of hijackings that were so prevalent in recent years. The balance between appropriate levels of risk mitigation effort and avoiding complacency is vital in any diminishing risk scenario and the situation in and around the HRA is no different. So was the announcement based upon a good decision or a gamble?

In coming to a decision to re-define the HRA, BIMCO and its co-sponsors will have considered the overall threat context, where we have not seen a confirmed attack on a commercial vessel for well over a year, and also the capability of those engaged in the crime and their ability to return to large-scale, long-range piracy.  They will also have considered the pressures placed upon vessels with the HRA as currently defined.  Put simply, the existing HRA does not reflect the current Somali pirate threat and the associated risk of attack and hijack.  Although some might favour the status quo, in Dryad’s view, a decision to leave the HRA with its current boundaries would have been one that ignored the facts.

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