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  • Maritime Disputes & Regional Security

    MSR Note: We are delighted to present the following paper, submitted to us by Dionysia Chondrogianni. We have made no corrections or alterations to this paper, and hope that readers […]

  • ISIS and Crude Oil Exports

    Guest Article ISIS Export Gateway to Global Crude Oil Markets Paper by: George KIOURKTSOGLOU, Visiting Lecturer, University of Greenwich, London & Dr Alec D COUTROUBIS, Principal Lecturer, University of Greenwich, London Abstract The Islamic […]

  • Searching for a Somali Coastguard

    The latest in the MSR Viewpoint series focuses on the difficulties in forming an efficient Somali Coastguard. Maritime Security Consultant James M. Bridger has analysed the problems over the past […]

  • The Privatisation of Maritime Security

    The end of the Cold War introduced, among others, a new perception of security provision; states demonstrated the will to outsource the monopoly of force projection to the free market. From the active engagement […]

  • The Manila Amendments

    The Manila Amendments is the latest in MSR’s InDepth series, written by Nick Williams of IMSA, the full document can be accessed via the link below. The Manila Amendments: More […]

  • Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea

    In the fourth of the MSR Viewpoint series, Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea, Alain Schembri of Gemini Maritime presents his views on the current situation in the Gulf […]

  • More of the Same?

    In the third of the MSR Viewpoint series, The House of Lords and Counter Piracy: More of the same?, maritime security expert Steve Townsley examines and questions the recent UK […]

  • Maritime Terrorism

    In the second of the MSR Viewpoint series, Maritime Terrorism: How Real is the Threat?, maritime security expert Dr. Donna J. Nincic examines past episodes of maritime terrorism and offers […]

  • The Piracy Equilibrium

    In the first of the MSR Viewpoint series, maritime security consultant Paul Gibbins examines the possible consequences of EUNAVFOR’s raid on Somali soil and comments on the need for longterm solutions to Somali piracy. […]

  • Latest MSR InDepth

    This week, rather than a briefing or an analysis, we’re distributing the Security Association for the Maritime Industry’s (SAMI) guide to BMP4. Written by Steven Jones, the guide covers the […]