New patrol boat for Mauritius

New patrol boat to boost coastal security.

GSL to launch fast patrol vessel for Mauritius police

The Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) is all set to open a new chapter in the Indo-Mauritian defence cooperation with the launch of first fast patrol vessel designed and built in house by GSL for the police force, government of Mauritius, on Monday.

“The vessel is scheduled to be delivered as per contract by September. This vessel is primarily designed for coastal patrolling, anti-piracy operations, anti-smuggling and anti-drug surveillance, search and rescue operations, fisheries protection, and monitoring of foreign charted trawlers and anti-poaching operations. It can also support during hostilities and wartime, providing communication link and escorting coastal convoys,” said RAdm Shekhar Mital, chairman and managing director of GSL, on Sunday.

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