Maritime Search & Rescue

Maritime Search and Rescue 2016 will explore the key issues when it comes to saving lives at sea, examining current practices and past cases through to future technology trends and suggested new practice. The audience and speaker profile will consist of Coast Guards, maritime authorities, first responders, government bodies, non-profit organisations, rescue coordination centres and militaries.

Any nation with a coastline has an obligation to assist persons in distress at sea, regardless of their nationality, status or the circumstances in which they are found. With passenger carrying vessels constantly increasing their capacity and sea traffic volume rising it is becoming more difficult than ever to meet those obligations.

Key focus areas include:

  • Mass rescue operations
  • Cooperation and devolution between the public and private sectors
  • Emerging technologies including the use of UAVs
  • Collaboration between nations and agencies
  • Communications during a crisis
  • Training and simulation for first responders
  • The role of fixed wing and rotary platforms in locating and rescuing targets

The event is free to attend for government employees, public bodies and coastguards. To register for your free pass please visit our event website here. Industry companies can also find all the necessary information they require on the page.

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