No hack at MTISC-GoG

Piracy reporting centre in alleged security breach.

MTISC-GOG investigation finds no evidence of breach

There’s a follow-up to a post concerning a possible data breach involving Maritime Trade Information Sharing Centre, Gulf of Guinea (MTISC-GOG). A statement from BIMCO had suggested that there had been a breach that could put ships at greater risk of attacks by pirates.

DataBreaches received the following statement from LT(GN) Felix Tsekpetse, Officer in Charge of MTISC-GOG:

“Thank you very much for the enquiry. We are aware of the ISPS statement issued by the Danish Authorities and note that it is currently an unsubstantiated allegation, albeit from a national authority. We are in touch with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs who are seeking further details. Nevertheless, MTISC-GoG has conducted a thorough investigation and reviewed its security procedures and protocols; this review has concluded that their scope is adequate and adherence absolute. We are seeking any substantive information from the Danish authorities.”

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