Offshore Patrol & Surveillance

Over recent years there has been a consistent evolution of threats being faced by navies and coast guards globally. The volume and variety of missions, whether nationally or internationally focused, has placed an increased emphasis on having a greater number of multi-mission capable platforms with affordable technological advancements.

Offshore Patrol Surveillance provides the naval and coast guard community with the unique opportunity to gain a clear understanding of future requirements and capabilities for multirole platforms.

Offshore Patrol Surveillance will act as the international hub for the naval community and provide an in-depth analysis of emerging markets, future requirements and industry capabilities.

Key Focus Areas

  • National programmes
  • New build efficiency innovations
  • Offshore vessel force multipliers
  • Operational updates
  • Satellite surveillance
  • Data management
  • Littoral control
  • Unmanned/autonomous assistance
  • Air Assets
  • Protecting critical infrastructure
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