Maritime and Border Security Philippines

NSC Office of President and NCWCS launch Maritime and Border Security Philippines in conjunction with Clarion Defence & Security.


Maritime and Border Security Philippines will be taking place on 3 – 4 October 2017 in Manila, Philippines and comes at an opportune time as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) celebrates its 50th Founding Anniversary. Taking place adjacent to the ASEAN EU high level dialogue this October, the National Security Council (NSC) Office of the President and the National Coast Watch Council Secretariat (NCWCS) will be hosting Maritime and Border Security Philippines in conjunction with Clarion Defence & Security.


The defence and security community needs no reminding on the escalating tensions in the Asia Pacific. Seaborne terrorism in particular in the Sulu Sea off south-west Philippines is a perennial issue. With the seas set to become ever more crowded, it is imperative to strengthen protocols that can prevent unintended incidents.


The Maritime and Border Security Philippines conference and exhibition will focus on:


Enhancing border and maritime security – including talks on opportunities of trilateral military training and joint sea patrols, biometric identification, how to manage economic migration and immigration efforts to protect the region


Delivering interagency support within and between countries – with presentations on operational experience sharing between military and government


Sustainability of fisheries – with focus on combatting illegal fishing activities and practices, talks on how to eliminate illegal unreported and unregulated fishing


Confidence and capacity building measures – including infrastructure security, challenges and recent development plans, sea terrorism, best practices in joint responsibility efforts and training


EEZ security – with reference to efforts in controlling piracy, counter terrorism, military civilian interagency cooperation, and developing shared maritime awareness


Understanding that there are challenges within the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), this inaugural conference is in support of the regional desire to expand partnership for developing national capabilities for security, law enforcement, and border controls. The sessions will explore key issues regarding maritime borders in the context of the ARF.


In addition, this meeting is an opportunity to not only meet and exchange ideas with the newly appointed Chiefs and Heads in the Philippines but also across the region. We will be welcoming over 200 senior experts from all corners of the industry to meet in Manila for a highly productive two day conference and exhibition.


For more information contact:


Marketing Elodie Gerard Marketing Manager

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Event Director Tracy Bebbington Event Director

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Military and VIP Engagement

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Exhibition Director

Daniel Mortimer

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