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  • Over 1 Ton of Cocaine Bound for Mexico Seized From Submersible 31 miles North of Paita, Peru

    December 07: On December 7, the Peruvian Navy seized a small submarine with a crew of four carrying more than 1 ton of cocaine bound for Mexico, the Peruvian Office […]

  • Over 3 Tons of Cocaine Seized from Semi-Submersible Near Aldan, Spain; 2 Crew Arrested

    November 24: Authorities in the Spanish region of Galicia seized a semi-submersible submarine carrying more than 3,000 kilograms (6,614 pounds) of cocaine on Sunday. The drugs are thought to have originated from […]

  • Iran starts drills

    Region keeps an eye on things. Iran starts Gulf war games, to test submarine-launched missiles DUBAI (Reuters) – Iran on Friday began large-scale naval drills at the mouth of the […]

  • Fateh sub to debut

    New headache for region. Fateh Submarine to join Iran’s navy fleet late January Rear Admiral Khanzadi said the construction of the vessel has been completed and it will join the naval […]

  • Search for missing sub

    US aids in sub search. Argentina missing submarine: Search hampered by bad weather The search for an Argentine naval submarine that went missing with 44 crew on board is being […]

  • Russian Navy fires on Daesh

    Maritime assets used against Daesh. Russia fires cruise missiles at IS targets in Syria A Russian warship and submarine in the Mediterranean have fired four cruise missiles at so-called Islamic […]

  • New toys for Iran’s Navy

    Iran continues to renew aging fleet. Iranian Navy To Get New Missile-launching Ships, Submarine Iran is building fourth missile-launching Peykan-class warship for the naval forces in Caspian Sea, local media […]

  • Major first for Indian Navy

    For the first time, the Indian Navy launched an anti-ship missile from a new indigenously built submarine. Indian Navy Fires Anti-Ship Missile From Attack Sub in Arabian Sea By Franz-Stefan […]

  • DCNS Suffers Security Breach

    Leak outlines the secret combat capability of six submarines that DCNS has designed for the Indian Navy. Submarine Builder DCNS Suffers Security Breach The French shipbuilder which earlier this year […]

  • RAF hunt Russian sub

    The RAF currently has no maritime patrol aircraft of its own. RAF search after ‘Russian submarine spotted off Scotland’ An RAF plane is “conducting activity” off the Scottish coast, the […]