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  • Egypt to Build New Military Base to Secure Suez Canal

    February 18: Egypt is preparing to build a new military base on the country’s eastern border to secure the Suez Canal, according to reports, as the country marks the 150th […]

  • Update to US Maritime Advisory on GPS Interference in Mediterranean Sea & Suez Canal

    September 24: The following is US Maritime Advisory 2019-013, advising of GPS interference in the eastern/central Mediterannean Sea and Suez Canal: 1. Reference: U.S. Maritime Alerts 2018-004A, 2018-004B, 2018-008A. 2. […]

  • Egypt, France conduct naval drill

    Second joint exercise since November. Egypt, France conduct naval drill in Red Sea Egyptian and French naval forces have carried out joint military drills across the Mediterranean Sea on Sunday. […]

  • Red Sea ports push

    How national, regional and international competition over ports is shaping political alliances and enmities across the Red Sea zone. The politics of ports in the Horn: War, peace and Red […]

  • Red Sea military build-up

    The Red Sea is becoming host to three distinct but loosely linked theatres of competition. Why intensifying international interest in the Red Sea is driving military buildup By:┬áSabahat Khan International […]

  • Food and maritime choke points

    Food and energy security focusing minds. GCC exposed to food security risks from maritime choke points Josh Wood BEIRUT // The countries of the Middle East are among those most […]

  • Egypt’s new Red Sea patrol

    Egypt is the only force in the Middle East that owns a highly trained, powerful army ready to confront any challenge, says former officer. Egypt establishes highly-trained special navy forces […]

  • Cargo ship ablaze in Suez Canal

    Fire extinguished and investigation underway. Cargo ship ablaze at southern entrance of Suez Canal CAIRO: A cargo ship was allegedly set alight Friday in a berth of Port Tawfik, the […]

  • Suez security doubts linger

    Fears Islamists will target new canal. VIPs gather for opening of second Suez Canal – but doubts linger over security RUTH MICHAELSON Sunlight sparkles on the water as diggers and […]

  • MariTrace suggests Suez BMP plan

    Recent incidents prompts warning. Increased threat to shipping in Suez Canal MariTrace is recommending an immediate increase in security precautions for vessels operating in and around the Suez Canal area. […]