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  • Turkey condemns seizure of vessel by east Libyan forces

    Turkey has condemned the interception of one of its ships by eastern-based Libyan forces in the Mediterranean Sea, saying it must be allowed to resume its journey while warning of […]

  • Turkey blocks an EU mission inspection of a cargo vessel travelling to Libya

    By Matthew Holroyd with AFP Turkey has blocked a German military vessel from inspecting a cargo ship suspected of carrying weapons on its way to Libya. On Sunday evening, the German frigate […]

  • Turkey extends disputed East Med gas exploration mission again

    Turkey has once again extended a hydrocarbon research mission in contested waters in the Eastern Mediterranean, ignoring Greek warnings that such moves undercut efforts to resolve the dispute between the […]

  • Op Irini boards Syrian flagged vessel

    The last week of October saw another vessel boarding and inspection done by the EUNavFor Operation Irini in the Mediterranean to prevent violations of an arms embargo on Libya. The […]

  • Greece Seizes Record Amount of Amphetamine Captagon Shipped from Syria

    July 05: Greek authorities have seized what they described as the world’s largest single haul of super-charged amphetamine Captagon pills from Syria worth more than half a billion euros. Coastguard […]

  • FREE CSOA REPORT: Gibraltar Seizes Supertanker

    July 04: At approx. 02:00 LT this morning Gibraltar port and law enforcement agencies, aided by a detachment of Royal Marines, detained the Panama-flagged 300,000-tonne crude oil tanker GRACE 1 […]

  • Syria and Lebanon to Discuss Maritime Border

    June 25: Lebanon seeks Russia’s mediation on its maritime border with Syria. “We have knowledge that Syria wants to demarcate the maritime border with Lebanon, and Russia is present in this […]

  • Drones can be jammed warning

    So far, the attacks have only affected small surveillance drones. Military Drones Prove Vulnerable to GPS Jamming Maritime security experts have warned for years about the hazards that simple GPS […]

  • Russia’s Syrian push

    In a move that surprises no-one… Russia Moves Forward with Syrian Naval Base On Monday, the Russian parliament began its review of an agreement to expand Russia’s naval logistics base […]

  • Russian Navy fires on Daesh

    Maritime assets used against Daesh. Russia fires cruise missiles at IS targets in Syria A Russian warship and submarine in the Mediterranean have fired four cruise missiles at so-called Islamic […]