New USCG Guidance

The U.S. Coast Guard has issued a new directive for U.S. Flag vessels operating in waters where the risk of pirate attack is high.

Maritime Security (MARSEC) Directive 104-6 (Rev. 4), Guidelines for U.S. Vessels Operating in High Risk Waters is considered Security Sensitive Information (SSI) and is not being publicly released.

Much of the content of the new MARSEC is contained in Port Security Advisory (2-09)(Rev 2). While the MARSEC only applies to certain U.S. Flag vessels, the USCG recommends that other vessels increase their security level while transiting or operating in areas where acts of piracy and armed robbery at sea are prevalent. The directive details the security measures that they may be considered by foreign flag vessels.

The US-centered guidance is detailed and specific – If you believe you or your company are eligible to receive the full version containing the SSI, then contact the USCG.

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