More Motherships

The capture of the vessel “MV Sinar Kudus” has seen Somali pirates gain another valuable “mothership” from which to launch raids.

Almost immediately after the ship was captured (after being over run by some 50 pirates) she was pressed into action as a platform for an unsuccesful raid on another vessel in the vicinity, the “MV Emperor”.​

It has now also been confirmed that the pirated VLCC MV Irene SL is also being used as a suspected mothership. The tanker has been reported in position 14 00 N 057 06 E course 223 speed 15 kts. While the MV Sinar Kudus was last reported in position 20 27 N 060 57 E crs 009 / 12 kts.

Vessels are advised to exercise extreme caution when navigating within 100 nautical miles of these positions and maintain maximum CPA with any ship acting suspiciously.

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