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A report by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies claims that technology and science can help solve the problems facing Africa’s maritime coastal areas.

According to the report, the continent’s lengthy coastline poses a major challenge to maritime security. “Security, economic and humanitarian interests, including long-term access to energy are all at risk from Africa’s lack of adequate maritime security,” the center said in a press statement.

It continued to argue that the threats in the region’s coastal areas “have an enormous potential for huge instability.”

The report details the challenges facing Africa’s maritime security strategy.

“Exclusive economic zones (EEZs), which reach out 200 nautical miles from a coastline are difficult to monitor because of their size and a lack of resources,” the statement said.

It pointed to West and Central Africa specifically as being riddled with a lack of resources to combat the rising security risks of maritime transport.

The center said that “there are less than 25 medium sized vessels available for maritime patrol” of the area.

“Another problem is that many African countries invest heavily in land-based forces and neglect maritime units. Other serious problems are a lack of funding, poor political will and corruption.”

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