Facing Execution

More than 30 Pakistanis taken hostage by Somali pirates, face execution if their families fail to raise enough money to pay the ransom, the Foreign Office informed a Senate panel.

The Pakistanis were members of the crew onboard four vessels.

The pirates have demanded some $20 million in ransom. Special Secretary to the FO Haroon Shaukat said it is “difficult to negotiate with the pirates”.

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One Reply to “Facing Execution”

  1. saberteams

    The expression “turn about is fair play” comes to mind after learning of the plight of the Pakistani families and their loved ones held for ransom. They may very likely be executed. Saber teams has been collecting actionable intelligence on all pirate groups, their operations, locations, and families. We continue to do so with the belief that this situation has been inevitable. This will not be the last of this type of scenario, it is an adaptation of techniques by piracy groups who are preparing new strategies in response to the overly publicized intended use of armed security onboard vessels. Onboard armed security may keep pirates off the ships however when they begin repeatedly pelting vessels with RPG’s and/or Explosively Formed Projectiles, Shipping companies will pay pirates for unimpeded passage. It may be time to raise the level of response. Diplomacy is for diplomats, not pirates. Extreme predjudiced response has its place. Somalia has only one recognized law, “survival of the fittest”.

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