Violent Tide

A freed hostage has been looking back on the violence he experienced at the hands of Somali pirates.

Sandeep Dangwal who was a crewmember of the “Marida Marguerite” has been recalling to the media the dreasdful treatment meted out by Somali pirates.

In an interview he spoke of the day he was trussed on deck and tortured. He also recalls the day the ship’s captain was stripped and forced into the deep freeze, and when a crewman was left to hang by his wrists from a 40-foot mast. Today seafarers are being being “cooled” in a ship’s walk-in freezer, “cooked” on a hot metal shipdeck in the midday sun, or forced to phone a distraught relative while a pirate fires a Kalashnikov in close earshot.

Violence is on the rise – and is a sinister new trend in Somalia’s piracy epidemic.


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