Port Calls

Private security escort vessels fighting piracy are seeking urgent clarification of the terms under which they can enter ports on key shipping routes.

The call has come in the wake of PVI having four of its operatives detained in Eritrea for six months.

Barry Roche, MD of PVI, said he was delighted at the release but highlighted the recent string of ship arrests in South Africa of ships with firearms on board.

There is an urgent need for clarification, and of ports to adopt a more concilatory stance.

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One Reply to “Port Calls”

  1. Michael

    There should have been no need for clarification in Eritrea as there are clear UN Embargo rules that do not allow any firearms to be taken to Eritrea for any purpose. The other ports are also very clear as you only need organize and arrange with local authorities according to each states laws. This is done now with arms on ships, admittedly not always simple but workable none the less. Some want the individual states to come to their way instead of doing your homework and complying with each states laws

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