Ending Piracy

The non-profit foundation Oceans Beyond Piracy is working to end the scourge of modern-day piracy.

The organisation is the brainchild of Colorado real estate mogul Marcel Arsenault. Arsenault, who describes himself as an “entrepreneurial philanthropist,” has taken on the goal of ridding the world of war within 100 years through his foundation One Earth Future.

The campaign has seen a lot of media exposure and for the first time there have been cash figures quoted for the damage which piracy causes. Using the old mantra of “what gets measured gets done”, this has meant that quantifiable damage can be met with an adequate response.

The 100 year aims seems a little long term, given that in the past 5 years some 62 seafarers have lost their lives to the effects of piracy. If we were to extrapolate the figures it would seem by taking a long term view we could see another 1240 seafarers die…which is wholly unacceptable.

However the organisation has the potential to be a power of good, a loud, independent voice reminding all of the dangers of piracy.

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