Malmo Declaration

On 17-19 October, 2011 the World Maritime University and the International Maritime Organization hosted the International Conference on Piracy at Sea (ICOPAS 2011) in Malmö, Sweden. The Conference featured presentations from over 40 subject matter experts representing militaries, governments, special interest groups, academia, and non-government organizations.

Over 400 individuals participated in the Conference. The Conference was opened befittingly with a call to action on this important issue by keynote addresses from the Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the Secretary General of the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) and Deputy Assistant Secretary General of Operations of the North American Treaty Organization (NATO).

There were a range of other contributors, including SAMI’s Peter Cook.

The Conference goal was to enhance the exposure of the increased global threat of maritime piracy and discuss possible solutions in mitigating and eradicating this threat. In particular, the Conference highlighted the significant humanitarian impact of piracy and focused on “Save Our Seafarers” through humanitarian support initiatives.

Furthermore, the speakers delivered compelling presentations focusing on the legal, economic, operational, law enforcement, and technological aspects of the problem of maritime piracy.

During the Conference, all attendees worked diligently on a Conference declaration to summarize the discussions at the Conference as well as commit resources and expertise in solving this complex issue.

Upon consensus of the Conference attendees, the MALMÖ DECLARATION was adopted- see an overview here

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