Pirates Kicked Out

Puntland Kicks Pirates from Bandarbeyla

Bandarbeyla, located in the Karkaar region of Somalia’s semi-autonomous state of Puntland, is officially free of pirates, senior officials told Somalia Report on Thursday.

After aggressive anti-piracy operations over the last month, police officers declared they removed all pirates from Bandarbeyla, a well-known pirate hub.

“The process has been going on since last month. People from Karkaar region and the government worked together to remove pirates from Bandarbeyla. I can confirm there aren’t any pirates here anymore”, Abshirayto, a police officer in Karkaar region, told Somalia Report.

“Last month we detained pirates investors in Qardho city and then we accelerated our movements against pirates in Bandarbeyla. We will continue the anti-piracy operations until we remove pirates from all of Puntland’s regions”, Abshirayto added.

Officials are now seeking development and infrastructure projects, including schools and health centers, in order to create jobs.

“We would like to create development in Bandarbeyla. People needs schools, health centers, jobs, good water and fishing equipment. With pirates gone, people need development so they won’t turn to piracy or support pirates,” Said Ateno, the chairman of Bandarbeyla district, told Somalia Report.

“Thank you to our people who helped us remove pirates from our area,” he added.

Over the last several years a number of pirates from the Osman Mohamoud clan (sub-clan of Majerten) were using Bandarbeyla as their hub.

Pirates groups led by well known pirate commanders Mohamed Aargooste from Osman mohamoud (sub-clan of majerten), Canbe from Dishiishe ….[Click here to continue reading]

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