Gulf of Aden Security Review

The American Enterprise Institute’s updated Gulf of Aden Security Review:

Yemen: Al Qaeda-linked militants seize southern town; Norwegian UN official kidnapped; Foreign Minister hints at election delay; heavy clashes between al Houthis and tribesmen in Sa’ada; two Yemeni soldiers executed by Islamist militants in Abyan; soldier killed in clashes between the Republican Guard and civilians in Taiz; protesters in Taiz demand punishment for perpetrators of civilian deaths in Aden; four soldiers killed and commander wounded during clashes in the Republican Guards’ Farijah base; opposition group forms commission to negotiate with al Houthis

Horn of Africa: UN agencies visit Beledweyne; KDF conducts several air raids targeting al Shabaab in Somalia; fighting erupts near Beledweyne; landmine in Gedo region targets Ethiopian troops; clashes between Somaliland state forces and tribal militias break out; at least five al Shabaab militants surrender to Gedo government troops; five dead in ASWJ and SVA clash in Beledweyne; TFG soldier shoots and kills Ugandan Soldier in Mogadishu; explosion rips through Ethiopian base in Beledweyne; 29 Ugandans suspected of trying to join al Shabaab arrested in Nairobi; eight dead from ASWJ and ONLF clash in Galgadud; TFG troops capture five villages in Hiraan region

Yemen Security Brief

  • Al Qaeda-linked militants captured the town of Rada’a, in al Bayda governorate, on January 14. The town is about 100 miles south of the ……[go to full report]
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