Pirate Fighters

An interesting short video broadcast by ITV Meridian Tonight examines how modern technology is being used to combat piracy off the Horn of Africa. Andy Dickenson speaks to Karen Jacques and Ian Millen from Dryad Maritime Intelligence Service, a specialist maritime intelligence agency providing risk forecasts and mitigation advice to mariners and associated personnel.

Pirate Fighters

A new centre takes the fight to the pirates.

They carry state of the art weaponry and are capturing hundreds of ships every year. Pirates from the coast of Somalia are becoming increasingly daring in their attacks, with 162 seafarers currently being held captive. But now a new high tech defence centre in the South is taking the fight to the terrorists.

Andy Dickenson spoke to Karen Jacques and Ian Millen from Dryad.

By: Andy Dickenson

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About Dryad Maritime Intelligence Service

Dryad Maritime was founded to ease the vulnerability of today’s commercial seafarers whose lives are increasingly at risk from the global threats of terrorism, piracy and other waterborne crime.

During his service in the Royal Navy, Dryad Maritime’s founder Graeme Gibbon Brooks, witnessed first-hand the impact a lack of commercially-available intelligence was having on the world’s merchant fleet. Identifying there was a void between naval protection and the merchant fleet’s abilities to mitigate the risks themselves, Dryad Maritime set out to provide intelligence to the commercial industry that would enable crews to better protect themselves against the rising level of crimes at sea.

Initially offering their services to the super yacht industry, word soon spread of Dryad’s products. Today more than 5,000 vessels at sea in the commercial shipping, super yacht and leisure industries are in receipt of Dryad’s daily flash incident and advisory reports; actively safeguarding the commercial interests of countless organisations worldwide and directly contributing to the Safety of Lives at Sea (SOLAS).

For further information go to: http://www.dryadmaritime.com/

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