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Pole Star selects SkyWave IsatData Pro for Ship Security Alert System upgrade

London-based fleet monitoring and security specialist has put its market-leading ship security alert product on a future-proof service platform.

London May 15, 2012. Pole Star Space Applications Ltd, the leading provider of fleet management, ship security and asset monitoring systems, has released an upgrade to its DSAS Ship Security Alert System, featuring new hardware from SkyWave Mobile Communications.

The upgraded DSAS is designed to provide continuity of service and a smooth upgrade path for Pole Star SSAS customers as well as future-proofing their investment by routeing data traffic via the IsatData Pro network.

The new Pole Star DSAS has been engineered to build on the quality of service provided by earlier transceivers, many of which are still in service from first installation. The new SkyWave IsatData Pro utilizes the global Inmarsat I-4 satellite constellation to provide remote management and communication with mobile and fixed assets worldwide.

Pole Star Product Manager, Commercial Shipping Paul Morter, said: Since first release in 2003, our DSAS product has established an excellent reputation as a sturdy and robust unit and proven itself to be very reliable in service. A number of our clients have used this hardware in real-life threat situations and the equipment has always performed well. When we came to consider an upgrade it was critical to maintain the confidence of our customers as well as ensure that it met the requirements of SOLAS regulations.

Pole Star worked with hardware manufacturer SkyWave to develop a DSAS unit which exceeded the previous models’ levels of performance and could provide class-leading reliability. IEC testing and fresh classification society Type Approval has been completed to ensure that the equipment meets regulatory approvals.

SkyWave Senior Vice President, Operations Dan Poirier, said: We are delighted to partner with Pole Star and play a role in delivering SSAS connectivity to its customers world-wide. IsatData Pro is a robust and reliable machine-to-machine solution that provides the commercial shipping market with a stable platform for maritime safety now and in the future. We look forward to working with Pole Star to deliver on this vital service.

The DSAS redesign process required Pole Star to produce a unit that could be retrofitted with the minimum of disruption, working to the same physical footprint as previous models, with no requirement for re-cabling or other structural modifications.

Pole Star wanted to be an early adopter of IsatData Pro technology and effective from May this year, all our DSAS units will employ the new transceiver. This makes the new DSAS effectively a future-proof option for Pole Star customers.” continued Mr Morter. “And because the shore user will continue to operate fleets with a mixture of old and new DSAS hardware in the short term, the Pole Star DSAS web application will support both systems with no software upgrades necessary.

Installation of the new DSAS can be performed by the ship’s crew and the upgraded system promises faster message delivery. The unit continues to offer Pole Star’s market-leading product specifications, including 5-6 days of independent battery back-up and an interrupted alarm signal in the event of a security alert.


About Pole Star Space Applications Limited 

Pole Star is the world’s leading provider of location-based fleet management, security and telematics services to the commercial maritime and fishing industries and government administrations. Working closely with its extensive client base and global partner network, the company has developed innovative and reliable solutions that enable its users to manage their assets worldwide. More than 1,250 clients and some 40 flags and maritime administrations utilise Pole Star’s systems and services to support for operational and regulatory responsibility to more than 30,000 ships worldwide. Pole Star also provide Fisheries Vessel Monitoring Systems to over 6,000 commercial fishing vessels on a daily basis.

About SkyWave Mobile Communications Inc
SkyWave Mobile Communications is a global provider of wireless data communications for the Machine- to- Machine (M2M) market. SkyWave’s products provide dependable communication, tracking, monitoring and remote management of fixed and mobile assets. Over the past 15 years, SkyWave has designed, manufactured and shipped more than 450,000 Inmarsat-based satellite terminals to customers globally in the transportation, maritime, oil and gas, utilities and government sectors. For more information, please visit

For more information, please contact Paul Morter, Pole Star Product Manager, Commercial Shipping on +44 (0) 20 7313 6230,

For media enquiries, please contact Neville Smith on +44 (0) 7909 960 182,

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