We’re Not Defeated

Rachel and Paul Chandler, a couple from the United Kingdom held hostage by Somali pirates for a year, have announced that they plan to complete their round-the-world sailing trip.

Paul Chandler: “We’re not defeated by the pirates, they attacked us, they kidnapped us, they extorted money from our family but they haven’t won.”

Rachel Chandler: “We don’ expect that to happen again…”

Somali pirate kidnap victims the Chandlers plan trip’s finish

A couple from Devon held hostage by Somali pirates are planning to finish their round-the-world sailing trip.

Rachel and Paul Chandler were seized from their yacht near the Seychelles, in October 2009, and held separately for more than a year.

The couple, formerly of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, said they would be “defeated” if they stayed at home after the incident.

They showed the damage their vessel sustained during their kidnapping, including bullet holes from when they were shot at.

Click here to view interview with BBC: Somali pirate kidnap victims the Chandlers plan trip’s finish

In the photograph Rachel Chandler can be seen examining one of the bullet holes in their yacht’s boom.

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