The Piracy Equilibrium

In the first of the MSR Viewpoint series, maritime security consultant Paul Gibbins examines the possible consequences of EUNAVFOR’s raid on Somali soil and comments on the need for longterm solutions to Somali piracy.

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The Piracy Equilibrium

By Paul Gibbins

It’s business as usual for the shipping industry following the IMO gathering in May. Another IMO circular is expected soon adding more detail to the provision of the armed deterrent and despite the pushback from some quarters of the industry that this temporary solution is becoming permanent, armed is commonplace through high risk areas.

The private maritime security sector continues to meet the demands of its clients; vessels are still at risk in the Indian Ocean, but the number of successful attacks continues to fall in this area.

But it’s not all about the private sector; the international military counter piracy efforts in the Indian Ocean have also had effect. Take the EUNAVFOR raid on the Somali coast. It’s timing can’t have been accidental, to coincide with the…….[access full article]

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