Anarchy on the High Seas

Is Arming Merchant Vessels the Way Forward?


A lot has changed since I first wrote this article in 2010 on tackling the Somali Piracy issue.

Many Flag States / government bodies are now allowing the use of armed security guards on vessels plying these pirate infested waters of the Indian Ocean. For example Britain had previously strongly discouraged the use of private armed security guards but soon acknowledged that ships with armed guards don’t get hijacked, don’t get taken for
hostage or for ransom and this was further confirmed by the British Prime Minister David Cameron in an interview last year where he rightly said that “the hijack and ransom by Somali pirates on ships round the Horn of Africa is a complete stain on our world”.

Click here to continue reading this paper by Kaivan H Chinoy, MSc (UK), HND (Naut Sc).

Article courtesy of Ava Marine.

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