Floating Armoury Held

The name Sinbad has long been synonymous with sailing – however, of late it has also been associated with floating armouries. The vessel “Sinbad” has become a haven to store private maritime security company (PMSCs) weapons. However, the vessel which has been forced upon PMSCs by the Sri Lankan government has reportedly been held in Fujairah after automatic and semi-automatic weapons were found on board.

Sinbad is a “multi-user floating armoury” and onboard are the weapons upon which the PMSCs depend. However, when the vessel was refuelling (either close to or actually inside the United Arab Emirates’ 12-mile zone) it was seized by the local coastguard. Rumours have it, that the vessel had indeed unwittingly strayed into the UAE, though these are not confirmed.

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Article courtesy of Shiptalk.

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