China and India could ‘rule the waves’

China has told India the world’s two fastest rising economies could ‘rule the waves’ if they solve their long-standing border dispute.

It urged New Delhi to meet it halfway to reach a compromise on the issue which would allow their trade relationship to flourish.

Senior Chinese Communist Party leaders told their Indian counterparts that their long-running border dispute – which brought the two country’s to war in 1962 – was a legacy of British colonial rule in the subcontinent which had stunted economic development between the regional rivals.

The relationship has since been characterised by mutual suspicion and rivalry, with Beijing alarmed by India’s strategic alliance with the United States and growing ties with Vietnam and other South-East Asian states.

India similarly fears Beijing has a ‘string of pearls’ policy to establish naval bases and docking arrangements in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to ‘encircle’ it in its own Indian Ocean ‘pond’.

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Article written by Dean Nelson, courtesy of The Telegraph.

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