Jurisdiction Under Debate

The High Court in New Delhi will meet today to discuss the case of the two Italian Marines accused of the unlawful killing of two Indian fishermen while protecting an Italian merchant vessel.

Jurisdiction Under Debate

 By Mark Lowe, Maritime Security Review

Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone, the two Italian Marines charged with the presumed murder of two Indian fishermen, are still being held in prison in India.

The Maritime Security Review understands that the Indian High Court will meet today to discuss the issue of jurisdiction; does India have full judicial rights as to trying the two Italian marines for the presumed murder of two Indian fishermen, or is the judicial monopoly debateable?

There is considerable doubt as to the High Court pronouncing any definitive judgement today, legal experts in India contacted by Maritime Security Review have suggested that the Court may well postpone any sentence at which point all activity related to the case against the two Marines will be suspended until January.

The Indian judicial calendar provides for a suspension of all activities as of December 17.


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  1. Will Farrugia

    Another example of lack of appropriate anit piracy firearms and tactics training. What if this was a private secturity company / operatoir that fired the fatal shot? Incidents of this nature will evenutally lead to countires pushing back on armed securuity transiting thier waters…..We as an industry, need better anit piracy FIREARMS and tactics STANDARDS….not guide lines.

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