Navy Capability Boost

Italy adds it’s name to the growing list of countries willing to help equip the Philippine Navy with suitable vessels to assist it with upgrade plans.

More countries willing to help boost Navy’s capability

MANILA, Philippines – Defense Undersecretary Fernando Manalo disclosed that five more countries have offered to provide ships to boost the Navy and improve the country’s maritime security capability.

Manalo said many countries have seen the Philippines’ determination to upgrade the capabilities of its armed forces.

“Other countries all over the world now believe that we are really serious in modernizing the armed forces. Previously, they do not want to participate (in the Philippines’ capability upgrade efforts),” Manalo told reporters over the weekend.

“Before, they do not trust our processes. Now they are here and they want to participate,” he added.

Manalo said among the countries that are ready to provide defense assets are South Korea, Spain, Israel, Croatia and Australia.

Italy had also offered two Maestrale-class missile-firing warships with anti-aircraft, anti-ship and anti-submarine capabilities.

The Italian Navy vessels were commissioned in 1982 and are more capable than any of the vessels in the Philippine Navy’s inventory.

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Source: The Philippine Star, by Alexis Romero.

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