Systematic security breaches?

Although this is an industry that has become very familiar with physical security, we’re not always as good at protecting ourselves against less tangible threats. Cyber security is big business, and the threat shouldn’t be underestimated. But, whilst protecting what you do online is hugely important, it isn’t where the story ends. A surprising number of companies spend huge amounts stopping viruses and spyware getting into their system, yet don’t even think about the large number of confidential documents left sitting, neglected and forgotten about, in their staff’s Dropbox accounts.

Staff that have to work on large documents from multiple locations, or with collaboration, are often tempted to resort to using Dropbox because the files are too large to send as a normal email attachment, and sending them via services like Yousendit is expensive, often complicated and time consuming. Dropbox is completely unauditable and unmonitorable, and as proved by the Mitt Romney example, easily hackable. What’s more, this represents a particular risk when combined with high staff turnover. You can remove their access to your system and even building, but you have no way of knowing what documents they may have stored in their personal Dropbox.

There may now be a solution for this problem with an innovative application called Shrinkmail. Developed by Pacifera, Shrinkmail is built into a company’s email system and transmits large email attachments through a secure cloud effortlessly. There will be no need for any staff to use Dropbox, or any other insecure cloud storage, again. Shrinkmail creates an auditable log of the chain of custody for all files sent using it. Files can be set to automatically delete from the transient server after a set period of time or immediately after they have been received and downloaded. No more confidential details being stored on Dropbox servers. All the recipient has to do is download what they need, and leave anything they don’t, and all the sender has to do is attach the document to their email in the normal fashion, but with no size limitation. All attachments are encrypted in transit, and a module can also be built in that encrypts the text in the parent email.

If any company is worried about important data being leaked, accidentally or not so accidentally, even that can be accounted for. Another valuable add in, called PrivacyMail, utilises pattern recognition to spot any outgoing mail with potentially sensitive information in it, and can either encrypt it, or stop it and alert management. Such Data Leak Prevention can prevent really embarrassing security breaches of things like employee payroll information or confidential corporate data.

Originally developed to overcome the problems associated with sending large files, the makers of Shrinkmail claim it can drastically reduce the cost and effort involved for most companies, using a unique ‘only pay for what you use’ pricing plan. Because Shrinkmail is built into your email system, staff can just attach their documents as normal – no expert knowledge is required.

Could this be the idiot proof way to protect your data?



Written by Jo Chuter.


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