Foreign delegation visits Mudug

A delegation of foreign dignitaries and Puntland officials led by Mudug’s governor Tigey traveled through 12 towns, including former pirate hubs, in eastern Mudug region on Thursday.

Somalia: Foreign delegation visits former pirate hubs in Mudug

GALKAYO, Somalia Feb 23 2013 (Garowe Online) – A delegation of foreign dignitaries and Puntland officials led by Mudug governor Mohamed Yusuf Jama Tigey, traveled through 12 towns in eastern Mudug region on Thursday including former pirate hubs, Garowe Online reports.

The delegation included UN officials, entrepreneurs from China, traditional elders and Puntland district officials. They visited many towns in the region briefly meeting with community members and officials in the major towns to discuss security improvements in the area and development needs.

In their discussions with the delegation, the community members from Mudug region stated that support of transportation infrastructure was the most important issue. Currently there is a community led project improving road conditions on the often bumpy and uncomfortable road that links Galkayo with Gara’ad.

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Source: Garowe Online.

Image credits: Puntlandi.

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