LGS Nigeria Partner with Hanson Wade

The Oil & Gas Infrastructure Security Africa conference gave LGS Nigeria and Hanson Wade the opportunity to experiment synergies, the positive experience has led them further develop a strategic partnership.

LGS Nigeria Partner with Hanson Wade

Following the success of the recent Oil & Gas Infrastructure Security Africa 2013 conference in Ghana, LGS Nigeria and Hanson Wade have taken another step towards consolidating a strategic partnership.

The Nigerian security company is lead sponsor at the forthcoming 3rd Annual Combating Piracy: West African Maritime Security conference in July 2013.

James Rogerson, LGS Nigeria’s Chief Operating Officer, explained that; “Our experience in Ghana last month was extremely positive and it led to our deciding to further consolidate our relationship with Hanson Wade,” Rogerson added that “Both our companies are dedicated to quality and high standards, we both recognise these values in each other and they form the basis of the synergies that we will be developing together.”

In Ghana, as in other Hanson Wade events that we attended as delegates, we were impressed by the balance of speakers and subject matters, a number of difficult or delicate issues were addressed in a direct and open fashion.

Well organised events allow participants to enter into discussions that are key to their activities or interests, one of the most important objectives for us is to support and encourage debate and as lead sponsors we are facilitated in doing this.”

Rogerson is of the opinion that frank, open dialogue is essential to the future of the Security Industry; “In the same way that no man is an island, no security company can develop when isolated from the others. We need to engage in constructive discussion thus events such as the forthcoming West African Maritime Security conference in Lagos are the ideal occasions to do just this.


Lee Kirton, LGS Nigeria’s Global Maritime Manager, addresses participants at the conference in Accra. A part of Kirton’s presentation focused on operational and legal problems arising from the non legal practice of ‘piggybacking’.


While having taken the decision to invest in the events sector, Rogerson is concerned about the number of Maritime Security events being held every year. According to LGS Nigeria’s COO; “There are an ever greater number of maritime security events around the world, the vast majority are very well run and worth attending, however, there is a limit to the number that any company can afford to attend. Because of this we believe that regional focus is required, ideally each geographical region would have one well organised event per year.

LGS Nigeria believe that the partnership with Hanson Wade will bring a series of benefits to the company, in terms of return on investment Rogerson pointed out that; “It’s not simply about having our name on brochures, websites and napkins, what we believe is most important is playing a part in the development of the security sector, by partnering with Hanson Wade we can be a player in doing just this.

Sara Petela, the Programme Director for Hanson Wade’s security meetings, added that; “The conference in Ghana took important steps towards addressing existing and emerging security threats in this region of great economic importance.”

“By continuing to bring together our growing community of senior security representatives, our upcoming events in Nigeria and Nairobi will also take further strides towards delivering critical intelligence that will allow companies operating in Africa to do so more securely.”

“We strive to deliver a well balanced agenda at all of our events and pride ourselves in being able to supply a platform for informed and incisive debate. Working with partners such as LGS Nigeria allows us to access the knowledge and information that helps shape our events.”

Both Hanson Wade and LGS Nigeria look forward to a new chapter in security event organisation and management. In the same way that Combating Piracy Hamburg has become the de facto reference point on the European maritime security calendar, both companies look forward to the African events becoming exactly the same not-to-miss annual appointments.



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