India Aircraft For The Seychelles

As part of an ongoing agrement to provide security equipment, the Government of India has supplied the Seychelles with an Indian built Dornier 228-DO maritime partol aircraft.

India has given Seychelles a maritime patrol aircraft for war against pirates

In recent years, Somali pirates began operating further than the shores of Somalia. Most of the action has been moved to the East Indian Ocean region – Seychelles islands.

The Seychelles islands Group includes 115 outlying islands about 1,500 km from the coast of Africa, including sparse population of about 85000 residents. The Government of India came to the aid of the residents of Seychelles in their struggle against Barbary pirates and recently passed Seychelles a maritime patrol aircraft model 228-DO, to patrol the southern Indian Ocean and assist in the fight against pirates and terrorist groups.

The Dornier Aircraft is of German origin, was built under license by the Indian aerospace industry (HAL) and is presented to the Seychelles President by the Indian Defense Secretary A.K. Antony.

The Agreement was signed between the countries it was agreed to supply two aircraft by the end of this year, but the first plane was delivered almost a year before schedule.

India provides Seychelles with security equipment, including patrol boats. Indian warships work against pirates in Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden, dock and refill in Seychelles.

India aerospace industries report that during the next two years, 30 Dornier aircraft will be produced and most will be given to the Air Force and Indian Navy. ten addition aircraft will be provided to six other countries (Vietnam, the Philippines, South Africa, Ecuador, Afghanistan and Thailand).

Dornier aircraft is equipped with two very reliable and cost effective GARRET engines. The aircraft requires short runway length 750 meters and can reach a maximum range of 2,500 km.

Source: iHLS

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