Insurers stonewall AdvanFort crew

Sailors denied needed medical treatment and other benefits from their insurers

Insurers stonewall Seaman Guard Ohio crew

More than seven months after the Seaman Guard Ohio sailors  have been detained in India, the crew composed of British, Estonian, Ukrainian and Indian  nationalities are now getting the cold shoulder treatment from insurers Aon, Lodestar and Travelers as they stonewall the claims of the men who used to serve their country as soldiers.

AdvanFort has a comprehensive insurance package worth more than $700,000 in premiums had  been purchased for the 35 men for the last 2 years. These policies include General Marine  Liability, Marine Employer Liability, Marine Professional Indemnity, Travelers Maritime  Personal Accident and Illness, and P&I policies.

But even though AdvanFort has already submitted official medical treatment claims that should  be paid by the policies that were sold to the company almost a year ago, AdvanFort reported that all of the claims made for the Seaman Guard Ohio sailors have been denied by the insurers.

“Instead of getting the help we badly needed after providing support for our sailors for 7 months,  Aon, Travelers and Lodestar have stonewalled us and left us hanging in the air,” AdvanFort  Acting President Al Farajallah said. “We hope that the three insurers can provide the support we  need for the sake of the sailors who needs food, shelter and medical help so that they can be back  in the arms of their loved ones back home in their countries who are waiting for them,”  Farajallah added.

It was reported that 34 out of the 35 men have been freed on bail but are expected to return to  court by June 10 to quash all the charges made against them. The men face the risk of going back  to jail if their housing, clothing and medical needs are not provided.

Source: AdvanFort


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